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    Question Trim Motor Question

    okay I bought my ski and the trim wasnt working and Im just now getting around to fixing it and heres what I got:

    Do ya think I need to replace it? lol theres a little bit of rust

    so if anyone has an extra one that works and want to sell it PM me or Ill just buy one off ebay

    and also one more thing my MFD still isnt working I went to radioshack and they only had 1/2 amp so I think im gonna try that to make sure it works but if it doesnt does anyone have any ideas?


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    Try John Zigler for a used trim motor. His contact info is in my signature.

    You could use the 1/2 amp fuse to check the mfd but I wouldn't leave it in there. If it doesn't work, test the power and ground wires in the mfd connector and then go from there.

    If you can't find a 1/4 amp fuse let me know and I will send you a couple.

    Let us know what you find.

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    alright Ill try that thanks I checked his and it was $100 and I can get one for half that on ebay but first im gonna try a jet ski parts store near me

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    the gears inside the unit get all rusted up too. i bought one on ebay and it was not tested before shipped. well it was rusted to pieces. the second one i asked the guy if he would open it up and check the gears. he said that he confirmed it worked and i was cool with that. when i got it a gave it a once over with lithium grease.

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