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    how much to repair hull/paint

    I recently bought a 94 waveraider and it works fine except the hull is pretty banded up. It has a patch on the front and many nicks and gouges all over. Most of them are down the the fiberglass but nothing goes all the way through. I don't really know anything about fiberglass but to me it looks like it just needs to be sanded down to the bare fiberglass and then have a new gelcoat.

    Any idea what it would cost to have a boat repair shop sand it all down and repaint it, just a solid color no designs or graphics? BTW, it's just the lower hull.

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    Its pretty easy to fill the gouges with marinetex and sand it smooth. I friend of mine hit a rock last week and was quoted $800 to $1000 to fix the gouge. (it wasnt all the way through either). I told him how to do it with marinetex and he had it finished and back on the water by this weekend. He sanded all by hand but I use an inline air sander for the thick parts because im kina lazy like that.

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    Which marinetex product should be used on the bottom of the hulls?

    I see they make a few diff kinds.

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    You can also use AquaMend (made by Polymetric Systems) also sold under the brand Alcolin.

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    thanks, I was expecting like 500 to have it sanded/repainted. I think I'll just go to the hardware store and see if they have some of that marinetex putty and use that to fill in the gouges. Looks like the previous owner used some sort of clear epoxy to seal up most of the chips but there's still some work that needs to be done.

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