I'm in Northern California, near Sacramento. 2003 Ultra 130 and a 2003 GPR1300--both skis are stock. I'm pretty much into having fun, going fast, and not having a dang broken down toy all the time

I like how the GPR is stable and fast. I conversely like how the Kawi 130 is peppy and responsive. I get the best of both worlds with these two bikes.

I've had skis for not even two months and I've gone broke having them repaired. I want to know how to start out learning to wrench these things myself. Most of you guys seem to have years experience modding these things, and probably years experience working on car motors anyways.

But for a newbie, any suggestions on where/how to learn? I thought about buying an older cheap ski and just tearing into it (nothing to lose, you know?)

I am also thinking aobut buying another bike at the beginning of next season, and I was wondering if anyone has a link to a good overall comparison of skis--you know, something that easily breaks down what kind of ski it is--top speed, cruiser, high performance, small and peppy, you know....

I have been browsing through all the forums (for all brands of bikes) and what a great bunch of dedicated enthusiasts you guys are. But it's hard to muddle through the different "camps" of riders and opinions on what's the best product out there. I mean, I'm pretty stoked on my GPR 1300. But everyones freaking out about the Kawi Ultra 250 now, or you have a bunch of Sea Doo fanatics, etc. Simplify it for me, would ya?

Hey thanks for any response