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    gprdeans 2000 gpr1200 problem...

    guys got gprdeans ski in the wet stuff at last with new prop,linner,ppk.ect..
    as you may know the prop and linner were trashed big time when he bought it a month ago so i replaced them as asked to get the ski running better...
    on the first and only water test after buying it(with bad prop) the ski was chit out the hole and top end was well down....
    now prop and linner are done the problem is still there but ski for obvious reason runs better..
    out the hole it feels like cavitation (bad) and loss of drive and top end still not what it should be,we have noticed if held three quater throttle it seems faster than full throttle ..
    pulled the plugs and #1 is mega(out of box new) clean and only slightly wet ish..
    plugs 2 and 3 seem good colour to me,replaced plugs for new still the same..
    i am thinking along the lines of coil in #1 going down as the ski seems to run fine on tick over and good out on land (no load)..but in water it hesertates and struggles to get going when loaded up hard,
    water in carbs or gas tank knocking out spark in #1 as its first inline from gas tank ???..
    will check coils when home this evening (work now) and next week get to carbs if coils check out ok..
    but at the moment my money will be on coil as with no load the ski sound good but in the water it engine sounds flat and not crisp..
    any ideas or imput will be very greatfull and my thanks in advance...
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