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    98GTXL fuel gauge does not work

    My 98GTXL fuel gauge does not work and beeps every min or so.

    I did the paper clip test in the plug and it does the same thing.
    And yes I put the clip in the right side of the plug.

    Anyway if this is done correctly and I get this still:
    1) No fuel reading
    2) Low fuel beep

    Then I have a bad fuel gauge, even though EVERYTHING else in the info center works?

    I would hate to havta buy an info center gauge just for that as I already havta buy one for the GSXL that reads NOTHING....

    Any ideas on what it could be. Yes I have looked at the sticky threads but it seems that is the fix if YOU KNOW IT'S THE BAFFLE. I'm not sure it is?

    Another question:
    My 97 GSX when low on fuel DOES NOT BEEP, only flashes on the gauge. Did they add a low fuel beep on the 98 GTX?


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    97 GSX beep

    My 97 GSX would not beep when the fuel was low either. Does it beep when the tether cord is plugged in? If not the beeper is bad.

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    Thanks Mac. I got it figured out it was the baffle. I wasn't getting good contact with the paper clip. So with some advise from a guy named "Puffer" he said to cut the plug off the baffle as I had it out and determined it was bad. I wired the two wires from the cut-off plug connected it and volla! FULL TANK AND NO FREAKEN BEEPS!!!!!!!

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    ok, i need help with the same problem. my 00 gtx shows no fuel and beeps when running about every 4-5 minutes. what do i need to do. i did unplug the wires underneath the front storage that led to the instruments and it did nothing, but... a couple of minutes later it started working for the rest of the day. next time out on the water will not work again

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    Unplug the wire that comes out of the baffle. With a paperclip jump the plug that goes to the MPEM. If you show fuel bars and no beep it is the fuel baffle. Easy to take out on the GTX. Go thru the glovebox but make sure you mark your fuel lines to baffle for re-install.

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