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    Smile Crossing 80 miles strait caribbean sea?

    Every year I go to a beautifull place called "Punta Cana Beach", down in the Dominican Republic, and spend two weeks vacation, this will be my 4th time there, and every time I visit I wonder if it's posible to cross form there to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on a ski?

    According to this guinness record the longest run has been 600 miles, but I wonder how to calculate how much fuel do you need and how to bring it with you (no pitstops on the way ).

    I don't think that anyone has tried to cross this 80 mile strait. So, for you to know what im talking about im including this litle article from wikipedia: (google map here)

    From Wikipedia:

    "The Mona Passage is a strait that separates the islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. The Mona Passage connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and is an important shipping route between the Atlantic and the Panama Canal.

    The eighty mile stretch of sea between the two islands is one of the most difficult passages encountered in the Caribbean. It is fraught with tidal currents of strange twists and turns that are created by those two big islands on both sides of it, and by sand banks that extend out for many miles from both coasts."

    Suggestions?? Strategies??? Feedback please!!!!

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    Welcome to the GH forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    Welcome to the GH forums!
    Thanks Hydrotoys!

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    Welcome watch ur wallet

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    sounds like an interesting ride... i would have to say i'd want a chase boat and about 3 other riders with me if i was to do it

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    Wich ski model will you choose to go on? how much spare fuel do you think you need to complete the ride? If you have to bring 4 or 5 gallons with you, how would you set it up? how long do you think it make take? would you do it during the day or at night?

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    Any suggestions? None of you guys are tempted to such a ride? Ok, just give me an opinion...

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    Would def. have a chase boat, you are gonna burn alot of fuel with
    those nasty currents, also tomo maps of those sand bars. Other
    than that I would never attempt alone on a PWC. Sounds
    fun though, good luck.

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    Never alone!...Those waters can get rough too...

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    I would use a GTX-DI for this. This ski would have zero problems going the whole way without refueling. It is also a very stable ski with a nice dry ride.

    I have made some very long runs up Lake Superior and the guy I ride with has a GTX-DI and it gets phenomenal gas mileage compared to my RXP.

    Strap on 12 gallons (On each ski) for safety's sake and you will be fine.

    Have a riding buddy with a similar ski and fuel, and bring a siphon in case one of you needs to pull the other's disabled ski, you can pull the remaining fuel out of the disabled ski as it will eat fuel much more quickly towing another ski. Obviously have a tow rope, a wet suit, and travel during the day, NEVER at night. There are too many things that fall off freighters and boats that you can either run over, or suck up into the impeller.

    FOr each ski, bring a GPS, handheld radio, cell phone, flares, lots of water, plenty of snacks and file a float plan with both the marina you leave from and the one you are going to.....

    Have a great time and tell us how it went.

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