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    Ok guys I think I dont have a seized motor...Because it trys to turn over... I think it might be the battery or the stator....but before i jump to conclusions, If the stator or battery dies will it cause the motor to just stop running??? Please help asap....I need this ski for this weekend coming.

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    im sure if the stator/battery dies its possible for the machine to die on you.

    pull the lanyard, pull the spark plugs, ground the wires, and see if you can turn it over (by hand?)

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    Installed a new battery. It turned over after a few tries. I have spark fuel but heres the bad thing, I did a compression test and here are the results. Cylinders 1 and 2 have around 115 psi and cylinder 3 has around 85 psi. Now how long do you guys think I could run like this...Starting Sat ill be riding almost everyday for a whole week. Im already in the process of getting a new motor.

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    if your going to get a new motor just keep running it the way it is she'll be alright for awhile .

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