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Thread: Scam Ebay

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    How do you figure it's a scam?

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    It's listed as located in el paso, tx but has rhode island registration. Either someone moved or it's B.S. I'm leaning towards B.S since its ebay.

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    Hows that a scam? SOunds more than fair for a Sea Doo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Scotsman View Post
    Hmmmmmmmm The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing. What a lot of the people are doing is using accounts that have high ratings, but have not been active for a couple of years. Or they are saying to contact them directly before you bid. I had one that was down the street from me and contacted the person through e-mail to go see them. He said they were in FL now not CA where he listed them. Then I told him I had a friend in FL that wanted to look at them and he never responded. Go figure.

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