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    Looking for a little help.

    Hey all, so happy to have finally found a great site with this much info. I've been looking to get into the sport for a some time now and have been looking around for a ski, for seems like forever. I have recently found 2 skis that i think are an alright deal. One is a 2003 GTX 4-tec in great condition with 27 hours on it for $5900 and that includes trailer and cover. The next is a 2004 Gtx limited SC with 80 hours on it for $7000 and it comes a trailer and gps.
    Now I'm not sure which one to go with as ths is my first ski and I'm not to familier with them. I have been reading all the info about the SC ceramic washers on this site and it makes me a little worried. I like both machines and hope to do alot of towing.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and Im still looking through all the threads for as much info as possible. Thanks all for the help.
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    Welcome to the fourm.

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    welcome to the forum!
    those numbers seem a bit high...
    if it is a dealer, ask them to check to see if any updates or warranty work has been done, like a pump upgrade on the 2003 GTX model...
    happy ski shopping!...PR...

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    Hey all, thanks for the help. I ended up going with a better deal on a 2005 GTX wake edition with 40 hours on it. I went to pick it up last night and can't wait to get this thing on the water. This site is a great help for anything seadoo. Thnaks again

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    welcome brother and congrats on your new toy. the only thing that really bothers me now about buying used is the ceramic washer deal. it sure would suck to buy one where someone was trying to unload it because of a previous washer failure and now your stuck with a motor that has a limited life. not trying to make you nervous just thinking aloud i guess but good luck with it and enjoy. remember this about money: you aint taken it with ya when you go so have some fun and enjoy life while you can

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