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    stuffer worth it?

    i have a 07 gp1300r looking to do some mods want to know who makes a good stuffer kit for it and if theres a big difference from the stock bike

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    If you are referring to reed stuffers I do not believe it is worth the hassle of removing the pipe and TB rack for something that small. If you go that far you might as well get VF3s with the spacer plate. Thats worth it!!

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    There are some performance gains. About 50 rpms on top.

    R&D, Riva, and Protec sells them. There are a lot of used sets floating around here on the forum.

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    So am I to read this as I can pick up about 50 rpm from a cheap reed stuffer ($50 used for the Protec) or I can spend $500 on a set of VF3's and pick up 100 rpm (per what Billie told me...) For the money maybe the reed stuffer is the way to go! Now if the reeds added 200+ rpm that would be a different story...

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    You will have a better gain through out the WHOLE rpm range with the VF3's compared to the stuffers. From what I have been told the rpm gain on the stuffers isn't much. But on VF3's it is always 100+ rpms.

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    The VF3's hit much harder than the stock reeds with stuffer, as in better holeshot and mid-range punch.

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    Get what you can with your budget, if you can get the better reeds do so.

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    Unless you have to run stock reed cages, rather save and go the V3 route.

    Youll need an ecu if you modify your reeds (stuffers/pettels), as itll lean out your engine.

    By the time you hve purchased new gaskets, reed pettels and the stuffers, you arnt to far off from the V3 price.

    Its always better to wait and save for the right thing.

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