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    Talking Breaking In My Bb Monster

    I started breaking in my BB yesterday and well !!! i didnt give in to the urge to over do it,,,i am going stricly by the book !! for the first 30 min`s i just varied the throttle being very careful to stay under 5000 rpm`s ,,,then for the next 30 min`s short 3/4 burst still staying under 5500 rpms, when i got down to 2 bars i did do a few wide open burst for just a few seconds then i went back to varying the rpm`s from idle to 5500 rpm`s with a bunch of real quick wide open burst for the last 15 mins all in all the tank lasted close to 2 1/2 hours ,,i was very pleased with fuel consumption considering my stage 2 stxr kawasaki only lasted 1 1/2 hours riding it the same way,,,
    i cannot describe the feeling i felt the first time i did the 2 second full throttle run !!! the midrange is breath taking, it will make you recheck your grip on the handlebars,,, i cant wait to get it completely dialed in,,, currently i am running premix double oil 16:1 (8 ounces per gallon) high speed screws are almost at max so it will definately get even better, what also amazed me was the handling, cause i havent even set up the handling package yet,,,only stepped sponsons NO washers at all under plate or tabs and she handled amazing,,,keep in mind this was my first time ever to ride a GPR i purchased it last year and completely tore it down before i ever rode it,,,
    Thank you KERRY HIBDON for putting A huge grin on my face,, your new BB porting specs are awesume!!!!!
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    Congratulations on your BB Jeff, You are going to love it.

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    That's great to hear Jeff!!!!!

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    No doubt Kerry can make a ski fly, big bores are awesome, congrats to both of you, enjoy the ride, i mean rush!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    Yo Billie,
    Do the same to your GPR Big Bore ported monster - Oh nellie!!

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