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    Mod 4 plate differences

    Carl, my buddy, Jeff Beer (no kidding its his real last name!) just bought one of your mod 4 plates after I recomended it to him. I also have one of your plates maxed out with all the machine work that I purchased from you on 4/12/05. When I installed the plate on Jeffs ski, I noticed the plate he bought looks much different than the one I have. We were pressed for time and only clearanced the nozzle enough to allow two large washers in the front and two small in the back. Mine on the other hand has two large in the front and none in the back (this was the fastest.) Anyway, during our Lake George trip his machine was nearly equal to mine! We both have the same setups as far as grate(800) PPK, and plate. I'm spinning a Solas 14/20 repitched to 11/18, 87mm nozzle, Race filter and EFI controller properly tuned, one layer of head gasket w/ 127 psi compression on all, airflow cowl mods, holes filled on my plate, back 3 feet of hull trued, no suction bilge or visibility spout and J-gapped plugs. He has none of this done. I turn that impeller@ 7080-7100 during the first 4 minutes of run time. It drops slightly after heat soak. Nothing is hanging down under my machine. Other than the PPK, grate and plate, all of which I installed, he is stock. Why is he so close in speed? The machine work done to the plate is obviously different, is this redesign that much better? You would think I would be able to walk away from him right? Do I now own a very expensive oversized ash tray? Just give it to me straight if it is. I wanted to get started on some V-force reeds and one of your high output pump conversion kits, but not if I'm leaving speed on the table due to a rideplate issue. Tell me the differences from previous versions of your plate to the current design. Thanks

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    Alan, the plates are probably quite different. although we cant disclose our exact machining specs.
    Just like anything else in the industry, constant improvements are being made to better the product.
    Also. dont forget that these castings of these mass produced plates are horrible. Even if 10 rideplates are machined exactly the same, all 10 could and probably will perform different.

    do a little homework on your end, try switching plates between you jeff

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    Swapped plates back and forth between Jeff and myself. After some more tweaking between both setups on both skis, BOTH plates performed great! The skegless version I have was still king of the flat water, (which is what I bought it for) but not by much! The one with the skegs was VERY impressive, especially when you move to 10" of chop. It is just as fast if not a touch quicker, seems to keep the pump loaded more. (If that makes any sense) Hard to test these plates against each other fairly in Choppy conditions. Figured I'd tell you my findings and let you know your still Da' man when it comes to ride plates! I'm still happy with my original plate,(still fastest) but may get a skegged version down the road so I have both and shim it to perform in some chop when needed. (Lake George is only calm early AM on weekdays) I need your VFIII setup. PM me with a price if you can, this way I won't even need to speak with you. I'll just call with my card info and you can send it out to the address I give you when I respond to your PM. I Hope your keeping up OK over there and thanks for your help. Alan

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