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    650sx aftermarket exhaust

    I have a 91 650sx and purchased a supertrap exhaust I was wondering how the waterlines are suposed to go. I'm new to the pwc world so please bear with me. If someone could post a pic or diagram that would be sweet.

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    Welcome Cedarat,
    I moved your post into the Kawi how to section for more visability.

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    hi there i don't mean to hijack but i have the same question, well i really need to know where the pisser line goes i have it on the line between the exhaust and the head, its a jet pro exhaust so any pics would be great ,,,JON

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    I also have some questions about how the cooling routing works so take my advice with a grain of salt but im pretty sure that the pisser hooks up to the headpipe. The headpipe is the u shaped tube that goes between the exhaust and the exhaust manifold. The headpipe carries exaust but it has a water jacket around it so you know that your engine is getting water if there is water pressure in the water jacket

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    i dont have a 650... im doing a 550-650 converison buutt i can take pics of my buddys aftermarket 550 pipe after we drop it in *tomorrow* .... looks exactly the same to me... i can give you user manual to the 650 sx as well if needed

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    from your head, the line splits and goes to the first water fitting on the head pipe and out the pisser.
    the exit on the head pipe goes to the stinger of the pipe
    this is the basic water route for just about any pipe for a 550/650

    this is how it is in my conversion ski.

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