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    Thanks Skip, I'm finally here!

    Hi guys!
    I've been following this site for quite some time now. I'm a previous owner of an Ultra 150, and was trying to stay true to that website. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) there's not much posting for the 250.
    I have found that I am definitely an owner that's suffered the "too much oil" syndrome. I've got 10 hours on the ski and just noticed that the clear drain tube on my airbox was full of oil. I removed the intercooler and let it drain - lots of oil - even more than what is shown in Skip's post. My initial idea is to flush the intercooler and affected lines, then buy and install the BOV blockoff. The only mod I've done so far is the wedge.
    GPS-wise, I've gotten 65.8. I keep watching and waiting for the so-called instant mod that will take this ski over 70, but I don't see it coming.
    I guess my question is that, since I've got the intercooler and associated parts out right now, what should I do to increase performance - especially top end. I'm a rec. rider and just wanna blow away as many people as I can. I'm ordering the block off plate tomorrow, so is there anything else that will make a notable improvement that I can get?

    Thanks for any and all input,


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    Welcome lightning.

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    If you have the intercooler out, consider doing some exhaust mods. It won't give you much on top end but you will see improved midrange and bottom end acceleration.

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