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    Sl 750 Fuel Problems....still

    So I took my ski to camp all week and messed with it everyday. I never did get it running but I really think I narrowed down the problem.'
    I am running on the center cylinder only! If you pour gas directly into the other two carbs it takes right off. So I think it could be one of two things:
    1. Carb 1 and 3 are plugged(not getting enough fuel)
    2. Triple fuel pump not working correct or mounted in the wrong spot.

    It seems like the general consences is to mount the fuel pump low in the hull, which I will try.

    If my carbs are plugged than I could be in a situation, I tried to remove them afew weeks ago and I am plagued with stripped nuts. I will have to remove the engine from the hull to get to them.

    I am wondering if anyone can give me some help on how to diagnose which the problem is.

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    you really need to check the carbs!

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