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Thread: Starting Slow

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    Starting Slow

    Quick question.......

    I have an 05 Sportster SCIC. This morining I went to start the boat and it didn't start as quickly as it usually does. It took 3 tries with the last time holding the start button in for 3-5 seconds.

    After I got it started, it worked fine the rest of the day...(I started it several times).

    FYI----For my moring start the boat was used just 17 hours before.

    Any suggestions or input appreciated!!!

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    might have been flooded......... Change the plugs!

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    change the plugs. also could be a fuel pressure problem, but probably plugs.

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    Thanks for the info....I am sure you both are right its probably the plugs. I put these in the boat in May and we have used the boat a lot.


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    Just changed the plugs and it starts fine!!!!


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