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    rod for oil injection

    the rod that connects the oil injection to the carbs throttle
    it was taking off at one point
    now when i go to hook it back up
    does the pump part require to be turned one way a full turn before snapping the rod back onto the arm
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    Please try to use grammar in your 'sentences'. I have no idea what you are trying to say.

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    sorry not rereading what im typing
    ill fix it
    i cant seem to post picture
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    hmmm are those haiku's?

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    Major Avatar violation!

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    the ski is 780 sl
    its just that the spring doesnt have alot of tension unless i spin it around once before hooking the rod back up to the pump arm

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    Check out this thread. Post 8 has a pic of it correct.

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    thx xlint89
    i believe it needs to make a turn before hooking back up
    the spring tension is just lose unless i dont turn it around once before hooking it up
    thx again
    a little story of how lucky i am first timing this ski
    i got a 780 cheap with bad motor
    pto rod broke--hydrolock
    ebay, crankshop ,yardsale or two
    got everthing i needed
    put it all together again
    put it in the water
    didnt have the damn plug in the back in
    the boat sank
    i draged it ashore and started dumping water
    when i though it was good i tryed starting it
    it made a werid noise than started
    i thought i was good rode it for about 30 mins
    on the way back it started running rough
    than it died and wouldnt start
    took the motor out again
    water was in the bottom
    it hyrolocked again
    i was so quick to put it togetherthe first time, that i didnt tighten the flywheel nut on tight-40ish pounds.
    so when it hyrolocked again the force ripped the key in half--and the flywheel wasnt in the rite place for fireing
    ---anyways put new key in and did the quick check on the index of rods
    all turned out good
    got very lucky this time around
    rod ski yesterday and it went great all day--just alittle smoky at idle

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Yeah, if it's not installed properly, the pump goes to full feed to prevent melt down in case of incorrect installation. Smart thinking on Polaris' part.

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    Major Avatar violation!
    What's the matter, you don't like Borat?

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