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    Reverse bucket Mod

    I see that a lot of people have this listed as a mod to their ski.

    I did a search and I did find a thread that describes the mod a little. However, some of the other links within the thread were old and didn't work.

    Can someone please post how to do this mod and what to watch out for?

    What I can tell from what I read it's only needed if you added a wedge but I don't understand why it's needed and what improvements you will see afterwards.

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    It's needed because the wedge changes the angle the nozzle aims away from the boat. A small portion of the jet gets interfered with by the bucket...if it interferes'll blow that reverse bucket off.

    You'll see a rib at the lower side of the bucket...sorta arced...not quite half circle...cut that off so as to allow the jet to miss the bucket when in the up position.

    if you look close you should see what mine looks like...others take out a little more.
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