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Thread: Must have's?

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    Must have's?

    OK I am just about done buying for my GPR 1200 Triple pipe. I also have a 05 RXP and thought it might be time to start spending on it. So here is my question what should iI buy first? Remember I want the most benefit from this part and if I have to tear something apart to put this part on I dont want to have to tear it back apart to add something I could have while I had it apart. If that makes any sense. I have bought 2 things a splash guard and the finger throttle conversion kit. The one thing I dont like about the RXP is how high the steering is. Is their a way to fix that? Thanks John

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    A search would yield lots of reading on this.

    I chose to do the metal sc washers, RR impeller (or Green wheel), and Riva 3" air intake since it's easier to do them all at once.

    You could also do a new prop, new wear ring, and wedge at the same time to save you some effort.

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