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    Rebuilt the carbs... Help

    I fully rebuilt the carbs and know that everything is 100 perfect in them because I checked and rechecked them before moving on to the next part of the carb rebuild. I put them back on the polaris 785 and not it seems to be starving for fuel and wont really run without the choke. I put new springs in where the needle and seet are that holds it down and am thinking that the spring is too stiff causing it to not open?? Does this sound right if the spring in there is too stiff would it run like crap and not get very much gas? It runs good when I pour premixed gas into the carbs itself. Let mek now what you think. Thanks!

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    i bet the n&s are stuck.......replace em

    ps--i still think the stock spring is to high on a 785 pro from the factory....but thats my opinion..

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    I checked the n and s and they are fine. It bogs so terriably bad in the water off the line and takes absolutely forever to rev out and I mean like 5 mins and when it revs out it only revs to 6300 give or take with no extreme power? I am totally stumped. Absolutely everything is new on the carbs and motor including rods, crank, pistons, seals, ect. Any idea or has anyone had this problem with major bogging off the get go that almost kills the machine?

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    What color was the springs you removed (they're color coded for psi) and what color did you replace them with? Also did you count the amount of turns the adj. screws were at before removing them? And then put them back EXACTLY where they were?

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    Sounds like you did not check the popoff

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    ZMANN, is right you probrbly have to heavy of springs in there check your popoff pressure .

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    What is the pop-off supposed to be? I put the stock springs in there. Do I just hook up the pressure to one of the fuel lines and plug the other?

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    Pm me for a link

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    Ok so I checked the pop off, timing, fuel pumps, carb adjustments, jetting, filters, and those are all fine. It idles perfect and up to 1/8 throttle or so but after that it bogs. The valves are opening as well. When I punch the throttle it bogs and when you flick the choke a little it helps it but only up to like 3700 rpm and it is not set there because of a limeter. My next guess is fuel lines so I am picking up some of that tonight. Any other guesses? Jets and carb filters are clear as well. Fuel pumps are all new and all fuel lines are triple checked for correct hook up. I am totally stumped.

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    what jetting are you running ???
    i just rejetted my 00 pro with 122.5 lows and 135 highs and it really brought it to life but you have to make sure you have 98-00 carbs for this jetting .

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