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    98 GSX Ldt. Not Starting

    hi i would greatly appricate anyones help
    i was driving on it and it just suddenly stopped. tryied to start it. it turns over but does not start idk if it is getting gas i dont know wut the prob is.

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    check to see if u have spark
    if u do pour some gas down the carbs see if it starts if so i could be ur needle and seat stuck.

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    yup it getting spark just went and checked thanks for help

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    wuts the needle

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    its in the carb
    stick soome gas like 2 ounces down the carb and see if it fires
    also check the compression please.

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    it gots compression and it started of gas

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    Listen to this...

    I have the same ski...I had the same problems, in fact I also have a 98 GTXL and it was my preference to ride the GTXL because of starting and good pull in the low end...

    Now after the following mods it is like I have a new to ride and FAST, and easy to start...

    Don't skimp follow all the steps and your starting and performance problems are GONE FOREVER!

    Get 2 MIKUNI 46BNI rebuild kits for your carbs (do not get an off brand rebuild kit get GENUINE MIKUNI)

    Get PROK air filters!

    Get 85 lows speed jets and 167.5 main jets with 2.3 needle and seats & stock springs.
    Get a dual carburetor primer kit...
    Get high speed adjust screws with a T handle on may have to ask around but you will find them

    Get 15' of 5/16 automobile fuel lines to replace the 8mm lines, and 6' of 1/4" to replace the 6mm lines - auto fuel is from NAPA do not skimp...also get an additional fuel filter with a plastic screen (NOT A PAPER FILTER) to put in the fuel lines 1-2' beofre the carbs...

    Get a couple tubes of JB an epoxy compound!

    While you are getting all that 'stuff' in your the reading! Research the

    ...carbs, the fuel system etc...know every piece.Go get a gallon of CARB / PARTS cleaner. a spray can of carb cleaner and a small can of compressed air like you get at a computer store

    Remove the battery!

    Now go ahead and rebuild the carbs... chaging the jets now! if you are installing the primer is the time to pull the choke plates...and shafts (you may have to do some drilling or grinding in order to get those little rusted screws out of the choke plates) take the time to soak the carb bodies a couple of times for 20 mins or so in the parts cleaner after they have been dissassembled! Take the time to blow out each passage in the carbs with carb cleaner, every hole - every thing ...then blow it out with compressed air...(plug the choke plate holes with the plugs that come in the primer kit and put the JB weld around them so they don't leak air) make sure to keep the primer inlet on top of the carbs not on the bottom)

    High speed screw from 0-1/4 turn out Low speed screw from 1 1/4 out to 1/1/2 out...

    Pull the fuel selector valve out of the ski.... and soak it in the carb cleaner for 20 minutes a couple times too...then use the spray can of carb cleaner on it ...and the compressed air...Make the fuel system PERFECT! To achieve this perfection you will have to remove the fuel baffle in the tank and that is again a pain in the A#$ but do have to remove the steering head, and shift the tank forward in order to get it out...

    Now go ahead and change every line in the fuel close attention to size and location...take your time and label each line so you know where each line goes and every line is clearly marked!

    Once the system is perfect ! all the hoses are correct and fuel selector has been cleaned ( as well as the fuel baffle filters removed and cleaned with carb cleaner) and the carbs have been rebuilt with the new jets make sure the little filter under the hood has also been cleaned...

    Assemble the cleaned and rebuilt carbs (leave the stock setting for the oil pump) don't screw with the cables on dissassembly just remove the 2 screws that hold the bracket in place...

    Check each clamp for location and secureness of the clamps!!!

    Put the whole deal back together...check for fuel leaks you don't want an explosion!

    Install the battery...look for leaks!

    Put some gas in it it up set the idle adjustment to (2400-2800 out of the water) an GO! (you will want to follow the carburetor tuning tips setting the idle first low speed etc...)you will see why the GO is capitalized!

    What is happening is the inferior quality TEMPO fuel lines are plugging up your fuel system...that is why you can refire with gas in the carbs...since the 'green slime' that is created when the fuel lines break down get everywhere in the fuel system you have to clean each part in the system...nothing goes untouched! And change each fuel line

    If you follow these steps you will thank me...will cost you ~$300 and some time...but well worth it!!!


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