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    Cool pix ... in technicolor!

    For a tech noob like me, all those beautiful colors and cut outs are just too fascinating.

    I found this cool to help visualize and understand some of those techie discussions, and maybe someone can use those pics to illustrate a point in a future thread...

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    So that's where the sparkplugs are at.

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    Well, it was mostly useful for me to finally locate that @%$# oil filing cap !!!

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    what cracks me up about that engine, is that it was displayed back in 2002/2003 when the first SC'd GTX came out on the market. It was suppose to show the internal workings of a 185hp motor...I asked about the THINGY in the intake and was told it was a Flame Arrestor....It wasn't unit the RXP came ut until they changed the plastic top shroud can called it an IC'd motor....
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