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    bored...what should i check for?

    well it's getting kind of depressing my new less then 25 hours on it RXP is sitting outside on the trailer all winterized....and I am inside bored to death thinking and making price lists of modifications to add to it...

    So I thought I would ask is there anything i can do right now to prepare it for summer. not so much like I am going to go out riding next week, but things to check, replace, etc etc

    Also I rode it in salt water last year what should I check that might have gotten rusted? I sprayed it down w/ wd40 all over pretty well...........

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    Remove the pump and check the bearing.I did and found the bearing u/s had it done under waranty.the seal had gone and water had got in there...

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    im already afraid what my wear ring will look like

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    yea i was too when i took my pump out for the first time.....the wear ring was pretty toasted and im planning on changing it before spring.

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