I have a 98 XPL that keeps blowing the 15 amp battery fuse. I have checked the grounds comming from the MPEM and they are good. The magneto ohms out according to the Claymer manual. I had read on other posts about metal shavings shorting the magneto. So, I removed the cover and cleaned it out. I think I am down to it being the rectifier or the regulator, which are both in the MPEM. I checked resistance from the magneto terminals on the MPEM to GND and 12V. One of the magneto terminals is shorted to 12 V. I assume that is my problem. I am not too excited about buying a whole new MPEM for $.05 rectifier diode. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone successfully removed the potting and tried to repair an MPEM? Anyone have good low cost MPEM exchange?