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Thread: New yami sleds

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    New yami sleds

    What does everyone think of em?

    I like the APEX, tryed it this winter, it rocks!

    the pahzer 2 looks sorta fun...gotta really try it out dont know alot about it...for it's price i might be able to get one dont know

    i havent tryed the attack w/ the 136' inch track so cant give ya any info on that one...

    but one thing is for sure..the apex is a very good sled...put a clutch kit and maybe new skis and some ohlin shocks and you have yourself the best sled of 06!

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    There was a guy on our lake who went 137 mph on a hopped up apex.

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    I got to ride on one over break. They're definitely a lot of fun, but I don't think nearly as much as a PWC. At least with a PWC you can make a mistake and not really worry about hitting something...

    Really fun to let them fly over a frozen lake though, but it's cutting across the fields that bother me, you never know where barbed wire is until the last second.

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