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    93 spx problems after sitting 10min.

    Hello, I just bought 93 spx in great shape. It starts right up but after it sets for a few minutes between rides it does not want ot go. It will bog and stall out. I can usually get it going if I just keep playing with the gas and restarting it any ideas? It does not idile either. That should be just an adjustment.

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    carbs probably need to be rebuilt along with the needles and seats. if you get a rebuild kit it does not come with the needles and seats.
    What happins is the fuel in the carbs leaks into the cyllinders when the ski is off flooding the cyllinders causing the hard start. my 93 xp does the same thing. starts great adn runs like a raped ape!! then if you shut it off for any extended amount of time it's a bear to get started again.
    I cleaned my carbs out and reset the speed screws. that helped mine out but my carbs stll need new neeldes and seats.

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    Thanks for the info. My plugs are coming out dry and look like they are burning well. That is why I did not figure a flooding problem. Where is a good place to get rebuild kits.

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    Another problem is the carbs may be getting heat soaked. There are thicker carbs gaskets available that prevent this. Sorry, I don't have the part #. is one place to get parts.

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