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    1997 seadoo xp cutting out

    Hey ya'll I just bought a 1997 seadoo xp, and besides a few minor problems with it...shes been great to me..just the other day i was ridin, an d all of a sudden the engine cut just shut down..i started her back up n she started fine..then cut off again..sometimes it could be 5 mins 2 mins 30 secs..or the whole day...I just replaced the ground wire cuz some guy told me that, that was prolly the taking it out today to see...if any of you have any other suggestions..please let me know..i will post agaion letting u know how it ran

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    Its cutting of as if you were to fall of the ski and pull the key out...could it be the wiring from the place where you put the the start button?/?

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    how are the contacts on the key post? I have heard they can get dirty and cause the ski to shut off. clean both the inside part of the key and the post itself. it's worth a try.

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