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    Gp1200r Real World Gains

    I have a 2001 gp1200r. if i were to add

    Riva D-plate and
    Solas 13/19

    what kind of real gains would i see?

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    Unless your cat is restricted or broke you wont really see or feel any gains from the D-plate (however its still a good idea to lose the cat). The prop may help you but Im not familiar with that prop so I cant say.

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    with the solas 13/19 prop U should see at least a 1 MPH gain if not 2...
    mine is also a 2001 and with the PPG,R & D 1200 grate,D-plate with chip, and of course the above prop my average going in both directions netted 65.4 on GPS with 4 bars and 92 outside temp....
    by the way I have this prop for sale 125.00 if interested.... P.M. me

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    The 13/19 would be the right choice for better hookup and recovery in rough water.Removing the cat con would allow you to run your chioce of oil,as apposed to the low ash,cat con friendly yamasludge.Both good choices for starters,but while your into the pump you should also put in a pump plug kit,and get the shoe set correctly.Then you will be ready to progress to further mods.Until then you will have most all you need for a solid running stocker.Hope this helps

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    Thanks guys!

    Anyone else have any input?

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    Enforcer and H2O have the right idea. I would get a good tac and start recording your RPMS vs any mods. A compression gauge will also help you keep an eye on the health of your motor.
    I would also, have your head milled or buy an aftermarket head. For d*** sure, do the jetworks. If you do a lot of flat water riding, get a Jims plate. Read stuffers or V3 reeds will really wake the boat up. The only issue with the reeds is that you probably will have to open up your carbs and install flame arrestors.
    If you are on a budget, prop, pp kit, d-plate, intake grate, mill head, and jetworks. These things alone will put a big smile on your face.
    What ever you do, and I say this because I have seen so many people get burned, go pre-mix or at the least, get some stainless steel wire and secure your oil lines on your carbs. I have not heard of a pump going out, but the oil lines can come off and toast a cylinder.
    For any big differences in excelleration, and more top speed, you will have to dig deep into the wallet. You can see from my sig, you can make these boats haul a$$. It feels good to walk away from 1300s, even modded 1300s.
    Drop me a pm and I can tell you exactly what all I did.
    It all comes down to how fast you want to go, and how much time and money you want to spend.

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    Installing a D plate will give you better bottom and mid.Done it back to back.The cat-con will give you about 40-60 more rpm.The d plate and chip will allow you to run a better oil, which will help keep your PV assembly from gooping up.

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    dam, kirk350 im in tears you know your shittttttt you must know the texas boys wfo, kirk350, rx951 ...............they must eat alot of alligator gar .
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    You hang around with Billy and your gonna learn a thing or two.
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