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Thread: Metal in Oil

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    Metal in Oil

    Hey gang,
    I have an 05 RXP & 05 RXT. Week before last I experienced the ceramic washer failure on my stock RXT. I don't abuse either of the machines. Thanks to you guys, I knew about the ceramic washer problem and sure enough, they were disinegrated. Under warranty, so I dropped both skis off at the local dealer, and they replaced the entire clutch pack with a new unit, telling me that the screen caught all of the ceramic. While there, I asked them to inspect the clutch pack on the RXT too, since both skis have about the same amount of time (30 hrs). Dealer said all was fine with the RXP. Took both skis out yesterday for the first time. RXT ran great! So did the RXP for about 20 minutes, then something came apart, sounds like in the supercharger section, maybe washers??? Sounds kind of like a spoon in a garbage disposal. So I shut it down immediately and towed back to dock. Checked the oil and found metal shavings in there.

    So what should I expect from dealer? Rebuild? Replace motor? Any experiences would be appreciated.


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    i work at a big dealer. i do rxp engines all day long. the dealer should have done a complete engine rebuild. both the mag cover and oil seperator covers, along with oil pumps, oil cooler, plain bearings and s/c clutch must be replaced...everytime. take your ski to a good dealer. it will be free for you to get it fixed. but it must be disassymbled. alot of dealers dont know much about rebuilding rxp's.

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    I would pull an oil sample and send it to the lab. It will tell you what is in the oil also. They should take care of the problem with no issues.

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