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    Newbie needs top speed help!

    Hello all, I am new to pwc's and have purchased a 2001 gp1200r.
    I am interested in top speed, like everyone else, and was wondering what the pros thought of this combination of bolt ons for a stock ski.
    Solas 13/19
    87 mm 5 degree R&d nozzle
    Am I on the right track? If so, what kinds of gains would I see with this combination? Do you have a better combination in mind?
    Thank you!

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    HI Dongee, welcome to the forums and congrats on your new ski.

    The first mods you you should do are the following:

    (safety mods)

    Intake Grate (riva/r&d) (oem is extremely dangerous)

    Pump plug kit (sorts out the cavitation)

    Remove the catalyst (d-plate)

    Powervalve couplers.

    Performance mods:

    I would buy the Islandracing mod4/ jims ff rideplate.

    The rest depends on your budget.

    I would then go for :
    2" pump extension, impellor (setback 13/19), jetworks holeshot kit..

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    good info so far with the following clarification

    adding a rideplate is a very good choice if you ride mostly on flat water, if you ride on rough water (big lake or ocean then adding a rideplate is a bad choice)

    here are some more ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by dongee View Post
    87 mm 5 degree R&d nozzle
    Stay away from this! Your ski already has an 87mm 5 degree nozzle that is better quality than the R&D nozzle.

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    Dongee I have a solas 13/19 setback that has about 10hrs on it if interested pm me. John

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    thanks guys. I guess I should have mentioned I will use this primarily in the Chesapeake bay.
    So, I'm thinking
    13/19 Solas

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