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Thread: oil problem

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    oil problem

    I have a 97 sltx and the last few times I have taken it out it seems like it is not using very much oil, what do I need to do, if anything?

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    Welcome to the hulk. What makes you think you're not using enough oil? It will take alot more gas, than oil when refilling. If you're really worried, you can always block off the oil pump and go premix.

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    Make sure throttle actuation works oil pump lever on front of engine .Lift it up to the top and rev ski ,you can do it on the trailer with the ski tied down and in the wtater .It should smoke heavily out the exhaust whilst you have lever right up .Make sure the cable sits back correctly .There is index marks on pump and lever to line up at Idle position .You might need a mirror to check this ,check your cable .remove it to do it as they hide problems sometimes .The folk here will help you through it if your unsure
    I have pumps over 400 hrs no problems .Premix if it concerns you but if you do make sure you are the only one to fill it up ,because you will be paying for it if someone thinks it has its own mixer .


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    I always add a small amount of oil to my fuel tank when fueling up. Just an extra safty measure.

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