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    Is the Ultra 250 for me?

    I've got a '99 GP1200 yamaha that I've done a couple things to in order to get it to go a bit faster. Top speed isn't my biggest desire though.

    I live on a lake that's about 500 acres. We have a speed limit but, really, I'm not out when the cops are out because <35 is pretty much pointless. My greatest joy with the GP1200 is zipping around, getting a little wet in the turns, doing some tight cornering. What really gets things harder than a week old biscuit though is jumping the wake from other boats. I know I'll never see a big enough wave to be able to do a full extension superman or anything like that but getting the boat fully out of the water on a jump, having the acceleration to see an opportunity at the last second an really get on it, that's what I'm looking for.

    Will the Ultra 250 do that for me? Is it too big, too fat, too heavy? I really don't need a 3 seater but would LOVE the reliability of a 4 stroke EFI and the throttle response of a supercharged engine over the PITA 2 stroke carb'd engine I have now.

    Long and short of it, I'm not going for 2 hour cruises so long term comfort, storage, etc. aren't a big deal. I'll probably never tow a tube or skier because I've got an 18' 150hp fish/ski for that. I just want to have FUN on a ski.

    Thanks for your help!

    BTW: This is NOT a Yami vs Kawi troll or anything like that. I've got a local Kawi dealer that I really trust and would love to trade the GP1200 for something that I don't have to worry about but that I can just go nuts on having fun.

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    Sounds like your looking for something more like an RXP to me
    Once you get rid of the ceramic washers from the S\C ofcourse...

    From what I've read here the 250 sounds like its more likely to plough over the wave than jump it, coming from a ski like you describe you could even find the RXP fat, let alone a 250

    But im sure people who have ridden a 250 can help you out a little more

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    I don't have very big wakes or waves where I ride, which is conneaut lake or the youghiogheny dam, but I have no trouble getting the whole ski out of the water.

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    a 500 acre lake sounds very small . ill bet your 99 1200 is good for where you ride . i had a 97 gp1200 that i had tons of fun on . i put almost 400 hours on it in 2 seasons

    from the type of riding you do maybe you would be better off with a new gpr1300 or an rxp . if you really like your local kawi dealer so much maybe he has a left over ultra 150

    for where i ride the ultra 250 is king , but if i were on a 500 acre lake i would probably be on a modded gpr1300


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    if you only ride on such a small lake i would think a stand-up ski would be the way to go if you are physically able to. Lots of good exercise. Seems like it would be overkill to have anything that would run over 60. You would be at the end of the lake just as you reach top speed. Keep the ski you have and get a cheap standup...They are the ultimate wave jumper. They will also give you a good challenge to learn....easy upkeep and cheap.
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    I don't think the Ultra is for you. It's a GREAT rough water boat, but absolutely boring on just the conditions you described. It wouldn't be my first choice for such conditions.

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    well I own all three a U250 RXP stg2 and a 07 gpr1300 and for what you describe GPR all the way no Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I miss the playfullness of my 1300GPR. But at the end of the day, I'm not as beat up as I used to be either. On smooth conditions I miss the GPR, and modded GPRs pass me. But for where I'm at where there is usally chop, my friends on their GPRs won't bother to race anymore. In glass conditions, I don't bother them either.

    If jumping a GPR was a big part of your time on your ski, the Ultra is not your boat. Can you get the Ultra out of the water? Yes, a hell of alot more effort, you probably won't be able to do it all day long though...

    If you can somehow find someone's to ride that will be your best bet.

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    Sounds like you need an Ultra 150.If you put a Ultra 250 in that lake it would push the water over the banks, lol

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    2 things

    I am a boat guy, motorcycle guy, and now a 250X Jetski guy...I am not an serious expert like some of these guys...but here's my 2 cents

    1) I think your lake is a little small for this thing, you'll get bored there.

    2) on Cape Cod we will go out in 3 - 5 seas.. when it's rough like that , very little distance between waves, like 14 feet peak to peak... you cruise at 15 - 18 mph but when you dip into a trough and whack the throttle it goes airborne. I can imagine the guys in Hawaii on big, long smooth rollers going to the moon.

    The power is Red Diculous.

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