Well Ill try again if anyone can help please DO!!
below is my original post for the most part when i came home from Norris , i will interject more or new info as the topic goes through my old thread....

here it is
originally ..
hope someone can help me here...
at Norris I ran 15 hours and about 450 miles..
throughout the second day my hi temp warning came on..... it occurred when it was at WOT for about 20 seconds.. it beeped and i let off the throttle ... every thing seemed fine . water coming out all the right places etc ... now the common issues and things I have done or tried as best I can give them are

1) I flushed it with a hose that day to confirm cooling lines all ok .. and again on other days
2) it happens only above 6650 RPM and when below that no warning chime and no issues
3) checked plugs today colour is mostly black , they seem "clean" otherwise

4) water temps are a bit different from my home compared to Norris home 50's Norris in the 60's
5) elevation is about 700 feet at home at Norris around 1100 feet above sea level.
6) no indication of misses or misfiring during the whole time ..
7) top speeds and acceleration were all within par of where i expected it to be..
61 mph and i figured as quick as the rxp,rxt,ultra out of the hole
fuel for the most part was all bought at Shanghai and i believe all their pumps are 93 ( i run 87 at home normally) fuel at home is generally bought at only 2-3 stations a tank at a time .. (no marina fuel at all)

any others ideas or causes or suggestions ????..
thanks in advance for any help


well its been back to the dealer at least 3 more times ...
both sensors have been changed , dealer has advised they have checked EVERYTHING... the only thing not done is pull the head ... but its been flushed a couple times, and as above.. water, and etc are all coming out of the right places
Now, last weekend after running for about 25 miles in all parts of the powerband we stopped for a rest once the rest was over we had a section of "glass' for water and I opened it up WOT for about 25 seconds and the bells went off .. I carried on riding and everything still seems ok and I ran WOT after that for 10 minutes and not a "beep" the only real co-relation that i can see is that it has only happened on GLASS and at WOT .... when its in 1-2 foot chop pinned WOT no bells go off ..please help .. the dealer has called seadoo and they are not feeding back very much either .

ps boat is still under BEST until next spring

please reply here or to <>>>>>>>>>>> roofus91@hotmail.com