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Thread: fuel or water

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    Question fuel or water

    I am having a dilema,I purchased a 95 SL750 with a burnt piston for what reason I do not know for certain (the piston that is ).I replaced the piston and ran it on the river and
    burnt the piston again duh you say I know.Any way after tear down I found that I had the head gasket installed wrong.
    Could this be my problem for reburning it.I never payed attention when i took it appart the first time.

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    Most likely a fuel issue, running lean, have the carbs been rebuilt?

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    i have not done that and i am not sure the previous owner did.i did check the fuel lines and they seem to be ok

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    Hole burnt in piston is a lean running condition. Scored or excessively worn pistons/cyl. walls would most likely be from the overheating of an installed incorrectly head gasket.

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