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    01 XLT: bad starter bendix?

    01 XLT 1200

    I hit the starter and you can hear the starter spinning but it doesn't spin the engine. It's getting worse and worse. Usually about every 10th time or so it catches and will fire the engine. last time it took almost 20 tries. I hit it and can instantly tell if it catches or not and stop. try again, do that ~10 times and then wait a couple mins to try again (don't want to burn the starter).

    Could it be anything else?

    ...and if anyone has a used/good one they're willing to sell let me know, it might be something I need!

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    Same problem with 1100

    I have the same problem, but mine only spins and never catches the flywheel.
    I hope someone answers that knows how to help us.

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    Seen a few that have leaked water into the front cover, and about everytime it damages the bendix.

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