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Thread: 2003 GP1300r

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    2003 GP1300r

    How often should I add oil to my ski? I have had it out about ten times now and none of the warning lights have come on tellimg me that i need to add oil. I'm a little concerned.

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    You should be good for 4-5 full tanks of gas before you have to worry about your oil getting to the warning buzzer.

    At any time you can take out front storage bucket and look at your oil tank. I'll fill mine if its near the bottom of the exposed part right before the tank dips down out of sight.At that point. It's about 3 quarts to refill.

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    I top mine to within a 1/2in from the top after every ride.

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    I check my oil level by removing the front storage bin, every time i ride.

    I usually add oil befor im going to use the ski for a weekend.

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