I think I'm going to try out a rear seat intake for my RXT.

Can anyone out their with an RXT/GTX and rear intake, please post pics.

It's going to have to go through the rear seat so I'm really wondering how to clean up the seat holes.

If I cut some 2" holes in the seat is the vinyl going to lift out ?
Looks like I'm going to have to swish cheese the back seat then keep the storage bin in the back and put my filter through it , so it will section the filter off of the hot air from the engine compartment. Then put a pre-filter on and put tiny holes in the bottom of the storage container for water drain.

If I can't do the seat I'm going to swish cheese between the grab bars.
I can get s 4 x 1 inch holes going to the storage container but it's going to eliminate my hull air exhaust.