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    130hp vs 150hp GTISE

    First off Hi, first post but been lurking for a while. Kind of like a sponge, absorbing what I can.

    What I'm wondering is there a way to get the 130hp version to be the 155hp version. I gather that it's mostly due to the fuel map but are there other differences like cams or timing?

    Also if it is just the fuel map (ECU) are there any places that will program it or any tools that will?

    BTW I have a 07 GTISE (130 hp obviously or no answers would be needed)

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    If you look at today's postings you will see a post to
    Bought me a 2006 GTI SE. I started months back with the objective doing just what you have asked about.

    My understanding is that the 130hp version is tuned down both by the cam and ECU. The cam and ECU I've installed are the options from Rotax Racing to bring up the HP to 185. I've gone a little crazy and have done just about everything you can except for changing the pistons and adding an SC or turbo.

    You could just buy the 155 cam and ECU but that would probably cost as much as the parts I've added from PPG.

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    Sorry my searching isn't that great I guess...

    So the cam is different as well? Do you know of any ways to program the ECU yourself or just replace it all together?

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    If your just going for the 155 it would be cheaper just to buy it that way and everything would be covered under warranty. If you are gonna mod it might as well do what mountain is doing.
    You have to think about the reasons you would want the 155. Just speed? Or do you just like the hull like we do? If its just for the speed might as well get the rxt or the kawi ultra 250 and it would be cheaper and factory warranted. \
    To answer your question, the 155 does have a different cam and ecu.(very expensive parts). And once you change those parts, factory and extended warranties are pretty much bye bye for internal failures.
    here is the link with all the questions and answers:

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