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    New York Finger Lakes Region?

    Looking to take a two day trip up north...

    Anyone know anything about the finger lakes?

    Which one would be considered the "better" of them to ride on? I will be taking my 20' pontoon and probably my XLL for touring.

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    depends on what your in to i know keuka and seneca are big the waters always cold all year lots of wineries up there seneca has a pretty cool waterfalll to chill at somewhere havent lived up there for 9 years now so chit could have changed used to spend a lot of time on waneta lake a lot smaller warmer water not as chopy

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    Hey what's up?

    Hey whats up HopacongGPR. I am best friends with Al or you know him on the forum as Mprism. We both live in Hamburg and we both ride gp 1300's. I have been up to Lake Seneca a couple of times. If there is no wind you can do 60 down the whole lake with one hand on the handle bars. If it is windy forget about it. You might go six miles like I did and just turn around. The lake is really nice and you can go through the locks at the end of the lake and go to other lakes or even the Hudson. There is not a whole lot of cops out on that lake so make sure you bring a phone with you, and make sure you know where you can get gas. I almost ran out one time but I found a gas station on the north west shore. I am currently looking for a house on the water and I think I have found it. So if you ever want to go riding up there let me know I have a friend with 3 houses up there but none of them are on the water. The launch is only 5 minutes away and they only charge me 3 dollars and if I go there after four they let me lauch for free, I have never heard of such a thing. Up in Lake George they charge me 50 bucks for a double trailer. Ok talk to ya later. Jeffrey

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    i live on conesus lake its not bad riding not too big but the water gets warm enough and its not to bad on the week days but on the weekend is when you get alot of people that dont know what there doing.. give me a shout if you guys ever are in the area

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