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    Bad fuel odor in hull

    Hey people I'd like to run this by you guys before I dig into it.

    A friend dropped off his 04 GTXltd SC last weekend. (low hours, bone stock) It has a real bad fuel smell in the hull, to the point of not keeping it inside.... I have literally crawled inside this thing and found absolutely no signs of any fuel leaks. Runs fine. Vents and all connections look good. Injectors look dry. I guess this weekend I will start by pressuring up the system and see if it holds and pulling the fuel rail to check for a injector leaking down.

    Anyone run into this before?
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    I would say I have never had this happen to me. Check the filler hose and make sure the hose clamp is tight, or drag it out to an open field start it and see it goes BOOM!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrich View Post
    drag it out to an open field start it and see it goes BOOM!!!

    LOL....flush the hull good & see if it remains/comes back....I have seen past spills/leaks smell linger for a LONG time after the cause is gone

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    I had a 2004 GTX LTD with exactly the same smell (fear!). I always stored it without the seat on and it made even the garage smell of fuel. Like you I checked everything and even had a new fuel pump fitted (as it failed). I compared it to my neighbours 2008 GTX Ltd, which had a similar amount of smell (not quite as bad).

    After much research I was told (not sure how true it is) that the material used to manufacture the fuel take is very slightly porous. Not enough to allow any leaks, but enough for the fuel odour to escape.

    I also washed the inside the hull with detergent and run tap hot water through the hull and out the drain plugs for 15 mins or so.

    Maybe this was a material they used during a period of manufacture in the gas tank?!?

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    Tank - not 'take'

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    Fuel vapors doo go boom.

    Find the leak...

    It's a very dangerous situation..
    They will go BOOOOOM..

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