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    Purchasing Dilemma- 99 GTX or 01 RxDI

    I am new to the forum so I am looking for some advice-

    I am in the market for a used ski. There are 2 in my area.

    First, a 2001 RxDi with 140 hours and a trailer. It is in great condition.
    There are 2 things wrong with it. The speedometer doesn't work and it supposedly needs a new carbon ring, but may need some pump work. The current owner said that it wants to suck air in with the water on take off, but can be avoided by trimming it until you get to speed.

    This one is $3,500

    Second, is a 1999 GTX. It is in good condition and has a trailer, too. It has 116 hours on it with only 10 on the motor. The owner said it has a new SBT 130 hp engine in it. The previous owner went through 3 blocks because they didn't realize the oiler was going out. So now it is premix with the new motor. The current owner said a guy that worked at the SeaDoo dealer put in the motor, but not sure about it.

    This one is $3,600

    Which one is a better buy? Can you switch the RxDI to premix?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just my 02 but I'd be a bit sceptical of both if they belong to the same person.

    You cannot premix a DI!!! The RXDI more than likely has more pump issues than "carbon ring" DI's are not Harry homeowner servicable so beware. Dealers who have people qualified to work on them are scarce also.

    I would not touch that GTX with a ten foot pole. Even after you typed the story it still scares me LOL! When you think about it how stupid could a person be to replace three engines without figuring out the root cause. Then switch to premix ove a 5$ filter

    Unless it a racing application IMO there's never any reason to switch to premix a rec ski. Just plain silly...

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    They are owned by separate individuals.

    What is the reliability on the RxDI. I am leaning towards it more. I have heard both extremes as being good and bad. If the ski is $3,500- I would expect to put some money into it, but don't want to blow the bank on a rebuild in 20-30 hours.

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    yeah, I would agree, stay away from the both of them... the RXDI is a very delicate totaly sophisticated electronic nightmare... they run great when they run, but have some issues... one with 140 hours on the clock and i`d be running the other way...

    huh 3 engines, do you think SBT warrantied all 3?

    there has to be more ski`s for sale near you, have you looked in the classifieds here?...just my 2 cents...PR...

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    I know everyone in this forum is gung-ho about Sea Doos. There a few Yamaha GP1200R's in my area. I looked in the forums here and not much around me in Kansas or Missouri. I have checked out the paper classifieds, eBay, Craigslist and a few other places....

    From what the owner said, SBT warrantied all 3.

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    bwinter, they are both bad deals, do not go near ANY 99 GTX, they are junk.

    I have a 2000 RX di for sale with low hrs in great shape. the unit just came in my shop to sell. I have taken care of this unit for 6 years and the customer has had no problems ever with it.

    Im at the Lake of the Ozarks (573)216-0690

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    So are the RxDI's junk or what? How much are you asking? I don't mind working on a ski over winter, but don't want a huge project.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bwinter View Post
    So are the RxDI's junk or what? How much are you asking? I don't mind working on a ski over winter, but don't want a huge project.

    bwinter: Dan is a good dude! He`s in the know! ...PR...

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    I wasn't questioning him, I was asking if the Direct Injection is worth it period. You said that it was a nightmare. Just trying to get a feel for what I shoudl really be looking for.

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    i believe that the 01 rxdi's required premium fuel as well. something to factor in.

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