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    where to buy rebuilt engine

    Well guys I am replacing a 700 engine for my 97 slt700 and I found one at sbt for 700 bucks. Are they reliable? are should I go some where else.

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    crash, take the time to search the threads, I would personally NEVER use ANY SBT product. The reasons have been stated wayyy to many times, it's worth hitting the search button.
    I prefer the extra bucks and a reputable engine builder any day.
    Then of course there's a service manual and the knowledge you rebuilt it yourself if you so desire.
    Even my buddy Chris, who loves to wreck things, rebuilt his 1050 engine and it ran strong until Tony decided it didn't need oil to run.

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    you can also try or also

    and i would get the manual regardless of who u decide to go with.

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    Ordering Rebuilt engine what else do I need?

    97 slt 700
    I need anything else for reinstall
    1 - long block
    1- installation gasket kit
    1- Break in oil
    1- woodruff Key

    Will I need an alignment tool? I left the pump housing(I have the 4" extension housing) attached and separated the two to take off the Jet pump assembly.

    While all of the jet pump, impeller, drive shaft looks like it is in good shape. from the out side should I or do I need to separate the bearing housing and impeller shaft, as well as the tail cone(standard practice or not). If I do I need a kit to put it back together and I can not find it at SBT. If I do not need to take it a part is there a place to grease or oil the bearings. I can not find anything in the clymer manual about this.
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    Why do you feel you need a remanufactured motor? Specifically what has led you to this point?

    FYI, if your crank is ok, everything else you can do in the ski, and avoid the motor alignment issues. But aligning the motor is easy enough, and not expensive.

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    It's a good practice to align the engine to jet pump. You can rent the tool from Beerdart if you PM him, no need to buy.

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    what about the jet pump what would you guys do since it is off. what do I need to inspect on it? it looks good from the outside. is there anything that I should take apart and look at?

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    The pump needs to come apart to remove the engine so inspect the impeller edges for knicks and dings. Small imperfections could most likely be filed off, but bigger damage may need some repair. Also inspect the wear ring for excessive wear. There should be no more than .020 between wear ring and impeller. Check the impeller bearings for play, if you can feel slop, replace the bearings and seals. Inspect the driveshaft splines for wear and the through hull bearing that the driveshaft runs through.

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