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Thread: FXHO question

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    FXHO question

    i hav an fxho and the oil light came on...i dont have a manual and i dont know exactly what it means....
    does it mean i need an oil change?
    or too much or too little oil?

    i just got over 100 hours this weekend and i know stuff is much more prone to go wrong at 100 hrs and i want to be careful
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    Check the oil level, the dip stick is on the oil tank cap. Beware, it is a dry sump system so the level will drop shortly after the engine is run.

    But don't run it if there is no oil on the dip stick. Make sure that there is oil there 1st, run engine for 5-10 sec and then recheck when it has stopped.

    Generally this means there is no oil preasure and if you run a 4 stroke with no oil preasure very soon you will have a large hole in your wallet.

    So if the alarm goes off sort the problem out prior to running the eng again if you don't like paying big bills to have the engine rebuilt.

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