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    broken dash gauges, check your mounting screws ...

    FYI - my gauge cluster broke out of the dash because (unbeknown to me)the lower two screws were missing from the factory and the two remaining plastic tabs on top of the gauge cluster snapped off.

    You may want to do a visual to ensure all 4 screws (2 top & 2 bottom) are there.

    This is being covered by warranty but it still is a drag having to take it to the dealership which is an hour away etc. The gauges are integrated into the cluster and is a cool $800+ to replace.


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    I also found a button head right at the seat bracket (got lucky) and discovered it came from lower left of cluster.

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    Mine cracked about a month ago and the dealer said they would replace it under warrenty. I thought to myself why would they replace something like a guage under warrenty. Now I know they know that there was a problem.

    I wonder will this affect the accurancy of the guages?

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