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    vts blowing fuses

    why does my 97 spx keep blowing the 7.5 fuse for the variable trim system.i looked over every part and cant find a short anywhere.any ideas?

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    without reading that link my guess would be that the motor is rusted and either locked up or almost locked up to the point that a ton of current is needed to make it turn.

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    These go on all the old skis. blows the 5 amp also

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    well,that link has everything i needed.according to it ,the black box is cooked. that said,the whole sytem looks perfect and like moisture or water on anything . it works but blows the fuse after a couple of movements. it actually seems like a complicated system to just make a little electric motor move up and down. anyway,thanks alot for the help. now.... where do i find a black box?

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