OK my g/f backed over the stock intake yesterday in the garage, while I was priming the fuel...go figure. So I have an R&D intake that my buddy gave me about a year ago that has been sitting in a box. From what I remember he said I would need to adjust the h and l screws about a full turn. So I called a local pwc shop and they said I would need new jets and that would do the trick, however the other shop in town said that I would need new jets and I would need to adjust the pop-off pressure otherwise I would pop the motor in a matter of minutes. So my question is who is right? I figured I'd need to adjust the carbs since I'm putting on a less restrictive intake, but a new jet kit just for an air filter change? Please forgive my newbness, I'm attempting to pull from my automotive experiences(ASE certified), but thus far its pretty much "throw out everything you know about cars b/c it doesn't apply to pwc engines at all"