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    Teachers.....split grade classes ???

    Any opinions on these split grade classes? I just found out my soon to be first grader has been placed into a 1st/2nd split class. My neighbor is pissed because her daughter didn't get into the class and she thinks her kid is the next Einstein. My daughter is I think average book smarts wise, but very independent. should I try getting her put into a 1st only class? Any benefits to this arrangement?
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    WTF, do you mean all the smart kids are put into one class and all the dumb one are put in another.

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    I don't know, that's why I'm asking. I've heard many different things, one that the smartest kids in the lowest grade are paired with the dumbest kids from the higher grade. I've also heard that they do this when they have to (classes too full) and they put independent learners in the class since the teacher can't spend the time with the kids like a normal class. I've also heard these split classes are to help a child in social loaners break out of their shells

    My neighbor seems to think this class is like a gifted class, but if you talked to my daughters teacher you would know she isn't dumb, but she definitely is NOT one of the top performers in the class, just like me she is middle of the road. I'm trying to figure out if I should protest and have her transfered, or leave her. For all I know they just pick names from a hat and have fun watching the parents freak.

    When I was in H.S. I noticed they definitely separated kids into "dumb" and "smart" classes. I have no idea if this practice starts in grade school?

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    You have got all the right questions. Make an appointment with the school principal to discuss your options. Also, if she thinks it would help, ask that the teacher that recommended the placement join you.

    There should be testing data that directs this recommendation.

    Be sure to keep an open mind to any suggestions they may have(no little-leauge politics) but YOU are the final director.

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