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    what order for mods

    e read skips Blog great stuff but knowing now what you didnt then, what order would you guys do for mod this time???? I have done the wedge, do I doo the intake or the exchaust bypass next?? and it seem like all the block offs and KN filters dont really do much anyway Jims ride plate is on the way.

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    It's not really which to do first. They will compliment each other. I always do exhaust on any vehicle I have first, but only because of sound lol.

    If your planning on doing both the intake and exhaust, buy whichever you can afford now and later. If you're better off spending more money later, but the more expensive part later.

    OR just buy both haah

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    If you want to do one at a time Id do a ride plate next Jim's or what ever, I think the wedge and the ride plate compliment each other, the same with the intake and exhaust.

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    Another great thread started, man today is just my day.

    Mods to be done would be the ride plate from Riva. NO WEDGE WITH THAT PLATE.......

    The Sponsons.

    The rest would be the stock inprovement stuff.

    Then rethink your next steps.

    You may be hapy with just that.

    Ideally you should hold out as long as possible. Soon a mountian of stuff will be comming. Then the chioces will be better and options could be endless.

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    I did the exhaust then intake.

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    Skip your saying dont do any motor stuff yet ?????and riva plate over jims????I agree the motor stuff will come soon and the sponsons?? I thought you stated it turned almost to good and for racing only, not for rec riding.???Skip did miss the page where you tested the riva plate????
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