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    Personal opinion

    This is in reference to Oz and Watcon

    As most of you know I am relatively new and pretty much a silent observer here because I don't really have anything to offer when it comes to working on jet skis. However, I do have opinions and plenty of experience in the business world. At this point, I can't keep my opinion to myself anymore.

    It is an uncontrollable fact that at some point every business will turn out a product that does not meet their own standards. Whether it's mechanical work, body work, a construction project, or even a recipe. This is even more uncontrollable when you do not provide 100% of the final product. Whether it be sourced parts in an engine re-build or sub-contractors on a construction project. Sometimes the issue is resolved and sometimes it is not. Sometimes the problem is not cuased by what we think it is.

    With all the time and effort Oz has spent on slandering Watcon, he could have re-built the engine himself. If that is the main objective, send your engine to another well known GH vendor and have them look at it at your expense, then you will know with confidence what the cause was. But then again, why would you send it to another GH vendor when that is what got you in this situation to begin with.

    Oh yeah, that's right, you already are using another vendor that contributes time to help others here. You must get some benefit and value from GH. If you do, and it appears that you do. You should use this site in the manner that the mods and members have designed it to be used and more importantly wish it to be used.

    As far as Watcon goes, I have not used his services but it seems to me if any vendor were that bad, complaints would jump out at you. As opposed to seeing obviously vindictive post.

    And a little advice for all. When things go South, ask for help on getting the issue resolved (as others have) prior to starting your smear campaign and you might have a chance of meeting in the middle. But of course, if dragging someone down is the main objective, why bother?

    I know this is a novel but I thought it might be benefecial coming from an "outsider" because if this is the type of stuff I saw when I first came to GH, I probably would not have come back.

    Yes, I did read this twice and wait my obligatory 5 minutes prior to sending.

    MODERATORS: if you can lock this, it would be great because I do not want to add fuel to the fire as some will see this. I want to express an opinion only. If you think it won't stir up the pot then don't bother.

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    only thing i can say is i am building my own engine now and spending over 1300 uk pounds doing it, as i do it i feel it is my responcability to check every item i fit regardless from who or where it came from, i double check every screw and bolt, build it right build it once, if i build it i take the fall


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