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    help with topend on my hurricane

    Hi guys some of you may know i blew the crank on my1996 hurricane, first off the motor looked scrap,even though it seazed at low speed and almost on the starer, but today i took the time to see what parts could be saved, my original thought was this

    Conrod seazed on crank
    Crank case damaged
    Top end scrap including piston rings and both pots,

    From what i have seen today the damage may be alot less, the crank case is ok , and the top end looks as below, my question is do you think my piston and pots are ok to use,

    when i took the pistons out there was damage on the top of both and i thought the worst, but today i find there is no more damage in this area and it looks like the marks in the top of both pistons was from the previous owner, the rings are fine and the pots look fine no scores or damage,
    i have cleaned the top of the pistons up and plan to rough up the bores (glaze bust) and fit new rings new piston pins and new piston clips and new top bearings, now if you agree they look fine this could save me a massive 250 uk pounds on the rebuild cost alone.
    With out sounding stupid i presume the important area is the rings and the pots having a good seal, and that a little bit of damage on the face of the piston should not cause me to much trouble.

    Thanks for looking and any advice you may have

    Mick in the uk

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    zoom, I'm no engine builder so take this as a suggestion and nothing more.

    I'd first verify the piston/cylinder clearance.
    Replace the rings.
    Replace upper bearings and have a GREAT time.
    As I recall when Kevin was looking Randy had some rings if you decide to go that route.

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    clearance is fine and the bores will be roughed up and new rings fitted along with the new top bearing piston pin and clips, the engine had a 0.5 rebore and rings 10 hrs before it went pop


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